Deepak Alur

I am an engineering leader, an entrepreneur, a programmer, author, and a design thinker.

I love to build innovative products and high-performance teams.

I currently work at Chartcube and have worked at JackBeSunMicrosystemseBay, and CMC.

I am currently the co-founder and VP Engineering at Chartcube, a data collaboration company. We are reimagining the way people explore, review, share and collaborate with data.

Before Chartcube, I was the VP of Product & Engineering at JackBe, which got acquired by SoftwareAG in August 2013. I was responsible for technology strategy, vision, research, product development and product management of Presto, our award-winning Real-Time Operational Intelligence and Enterprise Mashup Platform.

Before JackBe, I spent ten years at Sun Microsystems, working on Java, J2EE, Enterprise Architecture and Web Services. I also was the lead architect from Sun to conceive, design and implement the new Java-based architecture for eBay’s V3 Platform. I have worked with many enterprises advising, architecting, developing, and deploying highly scalable mission-critical systems and applications.

I am also the co-author of the Core J2EE Patterns book which was embraced by the enterprise Java community.

I enjoy working with smart people all around the world and love to build teams that thrive on complex challenges, have fun working together, and create innovative products and technologies.

My current focus includes applying technology to solve problems related to data comprehension, collaboration, mobility, big data, real-time data, analytics, Internet of Things, Machine to Machine (M2M) among others.

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About This Blog

The opinions and views expressed in this blog are entirely mine and mine only, and not that of any company I work for now or in the past.

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