Hello World!

Well, this is my first ever blog entry! I have been watching and waiting and watching blogging@sun for a while…
I have see some cool blogs by many of my colleagues at Sun at Sun Bloggers.
The blogging revolution at Sun has inspired me to jump in…so here i go…

My name is Deepak Alur and I am a Principal Engineer in the Enterprise Web Services Global Practice at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
I am also a co-author of the book: Core J2EE Patterns.

My current professional interests (subject to change without notice -)):

  • Patterns and Pattern-based Approaches for design, development and analysis
    of software
  • Software Quality: More specifically related to Architecture & Design quality
  • Software Comprehension and Refactoring using patterns
  • Design and Architecture of Large-scale enterprise software systems

For more information on me and my bio/work,
check out my site or the official site
for Core J2EE Patterns book I co-authored
with John Crupi & Danny

Looking forward to share my ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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