Swing GridBag + Netbeans 4 = Love

Over the years, I have worked on and off on rich user interfaces. Recently, I have been pluggin away at a Swing UI for a cool project called SALSA that I will write about some other time. If you have ever used the Swing GridBag layout, I am sure you will identify with this cool Flash animated weblog by Matt Quail. I sure do.
So for many years, I have struggled with GridBag everytime I use it.

But ever since Netbeans 4 was released, I have been liberated of this curse of the GridBag. NetBeans makes Swing development fast and easy and no more messing around with gridbag constraints, layout issues, etc. (unless you like to).
As part of my customer facing job, I have used all the Java IDEs out there. But for me, when it comes to Swing in specific, and Java in general, nothing beats the new Netbeans!

I Love NetBeans! Thanks, Netbeans team!

Check it out!

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