Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

Cell Phone RadiationI
have a problem with this
study by Danish researchers. Looks like you can pass off anything nowadays as
research and the media is eager to buy it as such. I would just plain
ignore this Danish research. Nothing in this report says indicates that mobiles
are any more safer now. Yet, I heard it on the BBC Radio News and read on their
website here that
mobiles are now ‘safe‘. My problem is that the study is not conclusive in any
way. But the reporter on BBC last night and their website headlines claim that
they are now ‘safe‘. Some observations on this research:

  • they only "talked" to around 1000 people. That is statistically
  • they want more data because technology has been around only for a few years.
  • they questioned the survey candidates and checked their phone bills to
    ensure that they were provided with accurate data. What no trust?
  • they do not resolve any previous questions on safety. So much for this
    friggin study!

To top it off, the Danish Researcher leading this study, one Dr. Christoffer

"We advise all people who use a mobile phone to use a hands free
set. It reduces exposure."

Ya, Sure. That‘s some advise I can live with. Thanks, Doc. Where did you go
to school BTW? You might want to read How
Cell Phone Radiation Works
when you get a chance.

On a more serious note, I think this IEEE
Spectrum report
from August 2000 on this topic is much more detailed and credible.
If you want to check your cell phone radiation level, go here
and there.

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