SOA Service: Coarse or Fine, Must Make a Dime!

SOA - Coarse Grained vs Fine Grained Services
Service granularity is a recurring hot discussion in design teams. So, I am
glad that my amigo John Crupi started this discussion
on SOA Granularity. The issue of granularity is a never ending discussion, and
as John mentions is an easy way to start a debate. The issue of granularity
is not just an issue in SOA. We have always had to deal with object/procedure/service
granularity in designing a system. I think
SOA magnifies the granularity issue by bringing it to the forefront of the design

IMO, granularity is a subjective matter. What is coarse-grained for one is
not coarse-grained for another. I think this subjectivity is one of the reasons
that granularity becomes a hot topic debate amongst designers. While granularity
is one aspect that must be paid close attention to, I think it is better not
to issue edicts around it. Because the moment you define a law of granularity,
someone is going to break it! Trust me.

Pragmatically speaking, a (composite) SOA application will contain services
of varying levels of granularity as shown in the diagram. I think what John
is pointing out is that you want to ensure that the services that are exposed
externally are the ones that are on the top (i.e. relatively coarse-grained).
Anyway, I do agree with John that when talking about SOA services, we should
be talking about business services. But, that does not really
imply that we should always make a service coarse-grained. So, can
a business service be fine-grained? It depends, on the business it serves.

For instance, let's say you are a famous online auction company and
many successful small business partners use/depend on your auction platform.
Let‘s say that these users require a service to be exposed that returns the
latest bid price for a given item number. Is this too fine-grained? It sure
feels like it when compared to other services like Create Auction
End Auction, etc. But what if this is indeed business speak. That is,
your business managers want to provide a Latest Bid Price service.
And what if your partners using this service are willing to pay for
it. Will you not expose this service because it is fine-grained? Hell, no! You
are going to expose that service. Why? Because it is going to make
! Whether that be a Dime, a Rupee, a Yen or a Yuan. (OK, it is not always about money, but surely about generating some business value.)

So while we lean towards making SOA services as coarse-grained as necessary,
remember that whether a service is coarse-grained or fine-grained or
in between, if it makes business sense, it must be a good service to
expose to the world.




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