Cookie Monster goes Vegan, Elmo goes commercial? Noooo…

Cookie Monster went vegan!
What next? Count Von Count counting
Big Bird‘s calorie intake? No. It‘s only that

PBS is going commercial. They are launching
a new channel called PBS Kids Sprout on Comcast. While the On-Demand feature
looks interesting (access any show anytime), it seems to be more mainstream
commercial than the regular PBS Kids channels we are used to. Atleast according
to the media reports.

According to this

…public television executives say the advertising will all be very
low-key. Commercials will run only between programs.

Huh?? Does that mean we won‘t get to see Cookie Monster gulping down a Diet
Coke during the show.

And this
from Washington Post says:

PBS programming would not have commercials “in the traditional sense”;
it will, however, include about the same dose of sponsorship spots as other
PBS fare. They will be targeted at parents and caregivers, not children, and
will appear only between programs, said PBS spokeswoman Stephanie Aaronson.

Note to self: Time to join Campaign
for Commercial-Free Childhood


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