Dr. Evil's Washing Machine?

If this isn‘t an example of misdirected use of technology, then I am not sure what is? -) What prompts such an invention? Is there really a market for this? Who knows.
Anyway, if the guy forgets to do the laundry, will the dirty laundry keep piling up? Because, the machine is inoperable unless we alternate the user. So will she be left with more dirty laundry than usual?

From the article:

“Spain is changing a lot, and I wanted to come up with an invention to enable men to do more around the home.”

This ain‘t funny.

“Some men may disagree that it is a good present for Father‘s Day and argue that it is more of a gift for the lady of the house.”

Some men? Some? Men? I wonder which men agree it is a good Father‘s Day present. I hope this invention stays in Spain. ;-)

My prediction: has excellent potential to become a relationship killer inducing more / faster break-ups. It‘s a Breakup Machine, Eh?


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