TGIF: Taxicab Confessions

Evangelical TaxiLots
of things happen in a cab. I have met some interesting cabbies over the years.
OK, and some not so interesting ones as well.

Ok, first it was the chefs.
Now, the cabbies are out to get me ;-)

On the way to Chicago couple days ago, the cabbie that took me to the airport
was an Afghan. He asked me where I was from and I said I am from around here.
I knew what he was going to say next:

"No, where are you really from? You must be from India…"

And then he starts blasting Bollywood music on the car stereo. I am like:

"Hello? Can you please turn the volume down? I am getting a call dude."

Inevitably, when I ride cabs in the bay area and most indian/afghan cab drivers
around here take one look at me and start playing the latest Indian movie songs.
But, I am not really into new indian movie music.
I might sometimes enjoy some oldies and ghazals. But who‘s asking.

But the wierdest cabbie encounter happened to me a few months ago when I traveled
to Chicago (coincidentally). This guy turned out to be an evangelical cabbie,
a kind I hadn‘t met until then. And he was one rude evangelical cabbie. Halfway
there, he started a casual conversation with me and out of the blue he asked

"Have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life?"

I was a bit dumb founded. So I staggered a bit and said:

"Err…no. What do you mean?"

He said: "Do you believe Jesus is the Christ?"

I said: "I don‘t know. I am not a christian if that is what you are

He kept blabbering on about this and that and when we reached the hotel
he got a bit agitated and angrily said: "If you don‘t accept Jesus
Christ as your savior you are going to hell!"

Boy, was I glad to get out of his cab or what? No tips for you, nasty cabbie!
He scared the bejesus
out of me!


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