TGIF: Powers of Ten – From Universe's Edge to the Quark!

I remember this old but
cool movie called Powers of Ten, which was an elaborate creation of photographic art based
on the work of Ray and Charles Eames. The movie is basically a series of images
that scale up or down by a power of 10 to show the continuous connection between
the very large (universe) and the very small (atoms or sub-atomic particles).
I tracked the official Ray and Charles Eames site at Eames
which links to this Powers of
site which talks about the 9 minute original movie and other related
stuff. If you don‘t want to shell out for the DVD, then be satisfied with this
online Java Applet imitation. A couple of years ago someone
had emailed me that
link which I rediscovered today. This is not the original Powers of Ten,
but gets the point across. It‘s Java, online and free!


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