On Why Analysts Aren't Blogging…

Blogging Probabilty ChartI
have been wondering a bit on why IT industry analysts are not yet blogging.
Like many in my field, I occasionally look at what the analysts and pundits
are saying about different trends in the industry. ” border=”0″>
I remember early days in my career when I paid great attention to many different
reports from many analyst reports on any topic from CASE tools to RISC vs. CISC
to CAD/CAM to RDBMS to almost anything I could get my hands on. Since these
reports were exorbitantly priced, the company I used to work for could only
afford to buy a select few and that too when the reports were slightly older
and probably obsolete. They were certainly entertaining and sometimes enlightening.
Am I glad the internet came around when it did. ” src=”http://blogs.sun.com/roller/resources/alur/flashbackend.gif”>

Anyway, I wanted to check out how my analyst brethren are doing in the blogging
world. And here is what I found. Almost no one really blogs in the analyst world.
Or if they do, I could not find them. I did a preliminary search to find any
blogs out there from any analysts and here is what I found so far:

HAL 9000To
make some sense of this, I had a brief session with HAL
and he came up with the chart shown here. According to HAL, the more
inclined you are to be an Analyst, the less probable it is that you
are going to blog because you already have a full-time job publishing your analysis
that makes money for your company. But then, I could have given wrong input
to HAL (GIGO, remember), in
which case if you know of an analyst blog(s), please provide the link(s) in
your comment so HAL can compute.


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