What is Architecture? Do you Care?

What does architecture mean to you? Do you care about architecture? If not, should you care?

Depending on what you do, the term architecture signifies different
things. And the fact that it is used as a verb (i.e. to architect) and a noun
(i.e. this architecture) complicates things.

For instance, my civil engineering friends talk about building architecture.
They might also talk similarly about building design. Now, consider
my friends who work in automobile engineering. I hear them talk a about
automobile design. But I don't hear any talk about automobile architecture.
Why? What makes these two engineering kind different? And finally,
consider software engineering in which I can claim some expertise, at least more than
I can in any other engineering domain. In software, we talk a lot about both architecture
and design. We also talk about software construction. Most
often there is no clear delineation between these. We seem to transcend between
architecture and design and sometimes even construction.

So when you build a building, you architect it, design it and construct it.
When you build a car, do you just design it and construct it. Does a car have

I have some views on this, but before taking on them here, I truly want to understand
your take on this. What do you think? Do you architect? Do you design? Do you
do both?

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