Cost of War

My son pointed this out to me today about how much a war costs. It is mind boggling to think about this. Take a look for yourself. Source :

Astonishing ways the resources could have been alternatively spent:

  • Paid for 23,570,077 children to attend a year of Head Start.
  • Insured 106,559,360 children for one year.
  • Hired 3,083,967 additional public school teachers for one year.
  • Provided 8,626,826 students four-year scholarships at public universities.
  • Built 1,602,311 additional housing units
  • Fully funded global anti-hunger efforts for 7 years.
  • Fully funded world-wide AIDS programs for 17 years.
  • Ensured that every child in the world was given basic immunizations
    for 59 years.




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