I am back!

I was on a month long trip to India. Hence the silence on my blog. Just got back during the weekend and still kind of jetlagged.

While in India, I spent most of my time in my most favorite place in the world called Coorg. I doubt if people outside India know about it, but it is somewhat well known in India, well at least in the southern states. Coorg is for me the most beautiful place in the world, words can’t describe it. I grew up as a little kid in Coorg and have lots of memories and experiences that I will carry with me always. Coorg is also known as Kodagu and is a small but precious district in the state of Karnataka, India. Coorg is well known for many things, but prominently for its brave soldiers, bold and beautiful women, wild life, mountains, honey, cardamom, black pepper and most of all Coffee! Yes, we grow great Coffee in India! I don’t care what anyone thinks, Coorg coffee is way better than Columbian!

PS: I have lots of pictures, but don’t have time to sort them out right now. Here are three random pictures from my trip to give you an idea of the greenery and scenery. If I get time, I will share in the future. No promises.


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