Fix. Save. Donate! How My Old Bike Helps Victims of Hurricane Katrina…

I confess I did not plan it this way, but this is how it ended up. I had asked a question a while ago whether I should buy a new bike or fix my old one?
Anyway, I decided to remodel my bicycle instead of buying a new one even though
I was pretty tempted to get a new one. But, I had a lot of fun making over my bike during
the 2 weekends. Basically, I had to fix my old bike’s brakes (cost me nothing to
do it with the tools and parts I already had) and add a new saddle cover that
cost me $15. To get rid of the old look, I spray painted the old bike with a
bright yellow color (cost me $10 for the paints) for the frame and metallic
black for the wheel rims. I then designed and ordered a new set of decals (vinyl
strickers – cost me around $30!) to re-brand my old bike into my very own custom
bike. So here is introducing my own brand – Coorg Mountain Bikes! 🙂

Instead of fixing my old bike, if I had gone out and bought a new bike, I am sure I would have spent atleast $250 if not more.

So what did I do with the money I saved? After my earlier posting, Hurricane Katrina has struck the country hard. We all have to do our little parts.
So, I put the money not spent buying a new bike and then some more into good
to help the victims of Katrina. A lot more is needed,
so please consider giving,
if you haven’t already. Please, Please, Please! I did it with a bike, you can
do it with your bike or something else. Fix. Save. Donate.

[For the curious: Mercara
is the capital of Coorg
& what can I say about Caffeine
other than I love coffee and we grow it well in Coorg.]


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