What's super about Superplatform?

Looks like analysts can’t help but keep coining terms to one up each other. Now Burton Group analysts are talking about Superplatform, which I quote from this article :

"The Burton Group defines the superplatform, an outgrowth of the middleware market, as a tightly integrated suite of products that provides a platform for enterprise computing."

I find this illuminating statement in that article:

"While scalability is still an issue for some organizations when choosing a superplatform, "less than 5%" will find Windows is not scalable enough."

Less than 5% ? What 5%? Don’t you want to know how analysts come up with these numbers? Well, if you do, you might have to pay $ to get that information. Anyway, is it 5% of all enterprises? Or 5% of Fortune 500?

Want some more words of wisdom? Here goes:

"If you’re Visa, and you process 8,000 transactions per second, you might have trouble. But if you’re an insurance company, no problem."


And finally the comment about Java portability not being important is somewhat twisted as one reader points out here.

"For several organizations, vendor lock-in is an important issue, but the portability benefits of choosing a Java platform become less as enterprise environments get more sophisticated and complex."

So, are you ready for your superplatform?


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