Kitten Rescued, Dog Not Amused!

what we found in a parking lot all alone, hungry and tired….it was a kitten.
My daughter looked at us for a moment, and before I could say anything, my wife
and daughter had already picked that little kitty up in their arms. So, what
was I going to say. But, I had one big worry and she was a 60 pound boxer called
Ally, already at home. We had rescued Ally over two years ago and she
has adjusted well to the family. But, one thing I have learnt about Ally is,
she…um…well…is not fond of cats. Not, not, not! I have seen her chase
the neighborhood cats around. But, too late to think about it.! Because turns
out we are already on our way home because the little fella is hungry and meowing
all the way. The girls even started brainstorming about a name for the kitten
and had one by the time we arrived home. We get inside and immediately Ally
is all agitated to see what we brought home. What the!!! Who the!!! But, Why!
Oh, No!!!!!!

So for the last two days, we have been telling my daughter that the kitty is
going to the shelter. But, everytime the topic comes up, her tears start flowing
instantly and incessantly. She claims that the kitty was God’s gift for her
birthday this week. How can I argue? So, I don’t know how, but we are keeping
the little critter. His new name is Smokey.
He eats, sleeps, plays…much to the annoyance of Ally. He
loves my daughter’s
room, especially the cushion on her chair. But, worst of all,
he makes a cute
little mean scowl whenever he sees Ally and Ally just goes b-e-s-e-r-k. Well,
now we have to work on getting them to be friends!
What are the odds of that
happening? Who knows.

I never thought I would have a cat living with us. Never, never, never. Well,
that’s life.


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