On Jakob Neilsen's Top 10 Blog Design Mistakes

Thanks to Richard for pointing this out. Being a long time Jakob Neilsen fan, I am happy to see him share his thoughts on blog usability.

I found it interesting that the #1 and #2 on the list is about the identity of the blog/blogger. I have ranted about anonymous blogging before, see this and this, so I am really glad that someone this issue get attention from someone who is an authority on usability.

Anyway, looks like I personally am guilty of #8 (“Mixing Topics”). But, I am not sure I can keep my blog focussed on one topic alone. I don’t really feel like having multiple blogs and I do really want to write on several topics. That is why I named this blog “Whatever…” because I could not decide (still cannot) what the singular focus of this blog should be. So the question is if a blog is about personality or an idea/profession. If it is about the latter, then it is easier to keep the blog focussed to a single or related topics. Professionally speaking, I am passionate about software architecture, design, analysis, patterns, refactorings, programming and related stuff. So I have created these categories on my blog, which I hope will provide the necessary focus for the only 3 people across the world reading this blog anyway. 🙂


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