How I feel about Java…sometimes…

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. So, without much ado, here it is… having been with Java since the beginning, here is how I feel about it now.
And to justify with some concrete evidence, here is the page count from the Java In A Nutshell book that was one of my most beloved Java books in the last decade. Not anymore, the friggin book is 1252 pages!

  • 1st Edition: 460 pages
  • 2nd Edition: 628 pages
  • 3rd Edition: 720 pages
  • 4th Edition: 992 pages
  • 5th Edition: 1252 pages

Hell, it should be renamed to “Java in a Coconut Shell”. And I am just talking about core of Java here, not all the other extensions around it. Because there are spawns of Nutshell books like “Java Enterprise in a Nutshell” and what not.

PS: Apologies to those who came here looking for some philosophical/technical discussion about how I really feel about Java.


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