Web 2.0 and Me

Hmmm…If Web 2.0 is nothing but read/write web as Hal Stern says it is, then I might as well disconnect my broadband and go back to reading good old fashioned printed material. At least, I know who the frick wrote and published that damn thing. Nicholas Carr points out some intersting muck about the amorality of Web 2.0 and you can see some examples of some of the mess created by good old human nature in the new Web 2.0. And then there is the news of tightening of the posting rules for Wikipedia, which is an often used example as a Web 2.0 site. If humans are going to be humans (a.k.a monkeys) and do their business good old fashioned way on the read/write Web 2.0, then this Web 2.0 will end up being a conglomeration of incoherrent, inconsistent, unreliable, uncorroborated bunch of crap. Or, the Web 2.0 will keep tightening up the rules until it is no longer the read/write web, which I think will be called Web 3.0. Or wait a minute, is that Web 1.0? Bah, Humbug!


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