My Career Milestone @ Sun

They went fast and furious. My years at Sun that is…

I just completed 10 years at Sun! I can‘t believe it, but I did receive this recognition certificate to prove it. Too many good things to write about all these years and rarely a dull moment to talk about. I recall when I joined Sun, my (senior) colleagues told me stories of meeting Scott McNealy in person when he used to meet 10 years @ Sun folks annually. And I remember thinking, “Man, you been here 10 years?”. And look who is talking now… I guess nowadays there are just too many folks to make this a rare occasion for Scott to meet all 10 year oldies around here.
In any case, it was a great 10 years for me and all thanks goes to the people (both Sun and our customers) I have worked with (where ever they are now) to make it a very memorable 10 years in my career.

And, thank you Sun!

My 10 Year @ Sun Certificate

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