Bye Bye Love! See You Around…

If not for Sun and Unix, I wouldn’t be here, not in this country. Let me explain a bit. My first OS was a Unix System V while I was a student. Then, after graduating from my engineering school, I worked for a cool company in India (CMC Limited) for 6 years. During the early 90s, I saw a lot of my friends and colleagues move to the US. I was somewhat reluctant because I loved my job and did not want to move away from friends and family. Or maybe I was just picky. In those days, one of my passions was Unix internals. So after unsuccessfully trying to ship me off abroad, my managers realized there was one thing I wouldn’t be able to resist a gig which would have me working on some Solaris stuff. So one day they called me and said, “Hey Deepak, there is an opening for a gig at Sun that might let you work on Solaris related stuff, do you want to go?” I was like, “Did you say Sun & Solaris? Heck! Yeah! “. Within a month I was in California with 200 borrowed dollars in my pocket.

When I reported to work i found out it all wasn’t true. Yes, the gig was at Sun, but never mind that it was nowhere near anything Solaris. Fast forward 18 months and I transitioned to become a full-time Sun employee and had a fun 10 years of working in different roles and projects.

I still remember, back then, one of the huge reason and attraction to join Sun for me was being able to work with the smartest, intelligent and highly talented folks at Sun. That still holds today for anyone who is thinking of working at Sun. Sun has to simply be one of the best (if not the best) technology company to work for, and it is not an easy company to leave. But, I must say that now my first act at Sun is completed. As you know, I just completed 10 years of working at Sun in October 2005. I am very proud of reaching this milestone in my career . So, after a somewhat difficult process, I have decided to leave Sun and pursue other opportunities. I resigned from Sun on February 6th and tomorrow is my last day at Sun as an employee.

Over these years, I have met and worked with so many amazing folks at Sun that it is impossible to list the impact that each one of them have had on me. So I thank them all, where ever they are now.

My personal website will still be at on which you will find my background and contact information. My new personal blog is at This blog at Sun will be available as always but all my future postings will appear on my personal blog.

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2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Love! See You Around…”

  1. Hi Deepak,

    It is really hard to digest the departure where you worked for 10 long years. but in IT its usual 🙂

    Best will always with use all the time where ever we go.

    Keep in touch with your old friends 🙂

    your book “Core J2EE Pattern” is really useful 🙂

    keep writing and keep bogging

    All the best,

  2. Hi Deepak,

    Sorry to see you go. Did you at least get to choose a cool 10yr gift? 🙂
    Keep up the blogs. I like reading them.

    Good day,

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