“AJAX Will Be Huge”

Interesting article this one here
Maybe the title should have been “AJAX Will Be Bigger than Huge” or something like that. Because AJAX is already huge. But some quotes in this article are puzzling:

Patrick Linskey, an engineer at BEA Systems and former chief technology officer at SolarMetric (which was acquired by BEA), predicted that “somebody will come up with a meaningful way to wire up a server-side AJAX framework with a non-browser-based client-side app.”

Huh??? Melding non-browser-based client side app with AJAX framework ? Sounds disastrous – no? I am missing something. Can someone explain please?

And I can’t wait for JEE 5 after I read this one:

Hani Suleiman, chief technology officer of Formicary, said he believes “Java EE [enterprise edition] 5 will bring back people who are scarred, wounded and saddened by J2EE [Java 2 Enterprise Edition] as a whole. It has a lot more pleasant view and a natural programmer style.”

Wonder if those alienated by J2EE and having switched to Spring + Hibernate will be impressed enough to come back to J2EE fold?

Finally, here is a gem on Ruby on Rails:

Meanwhile, Magnusson asked the audience if anybody had tried the Ruby on Rails framework. Several people raised their hands. When he asked how many had used it in a production system, only two raised their hands. One developer said he had concerns about its maturity level, amount of errors, quality of errors and other issues. Yet, he noted that Ruby on Rails is able to build some applications much faster than in the Java world.

Wonder what David and James think about that. Not! 🙂

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