Thank You for Calling Microsoft. We can’t Help You.

I just bought this new HP laptop and am having problems with sleep/hibernate modes. It friggin wakes up automatically and loses all battery power. The devil inside. Anyway, I found this article on their website that says they have a hotfix that they won’t let me download, but want me to call their support team. So I did call them and got connected to an obviously outsourced call center rep who listened to my problem for 30 seconds and said:
“I am sorry to interrupt you Deepak, but I will be unable to help you because my system tools are upgrading right now. Can you call back in exactly 10 minutes?”. What??!
I said, “Can you just email me the friggin hotfix after your system comes back up?”
He said, “Sorry I am not a technical guy, I am just a customer service rep. If you really want to talk to the technical expert, please call back in 10 minutes. Can I help you with anything else today?”
I said, “You can’t really, can you? Your system is upgrading.”
He goes, “Oh, Yes. Thank you for calling Microsoft.”


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