Hey, What about AJAX?

I just read this and IMO the following statement is somewhat off / biased and the rest of the writeup is has a slant towards Adobe’s Flex:

There are three technologies on the horizon that will change the way people use the web: LaszloSystems’ OpenLaszlo, Microsoft’s WinFX (codename Avalon) and Adobe’s Flex 2.

Without specifically using any of the technologies mentioned above, there is a pure standard technology that is already changing the way people use the web. It is called AJAX!

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One thought on “Hey, What about AJAX?”

  1. AJAX is absolutely changing the web, and AJAX is a great solution most of the time. OpenLazslo is going to use it heavily and Flex 2 has a Flex/AJAX bridge. In my opinion, Rich Internet Applications are simply a step beyond (not above) AJAX. Whether it’s writing awesome UIs for Vista in WinFX or easily integrating multimedia with Flash, I think there’s an extra focus on the user experience with RIAs.

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