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JackBe Presto is bundled with and runs on the popular Apache Tomcat server out of the box when you download and install it. But as a pure Java application, Presto is designed to run on any standard compliant J2EE application server that has JSP/Servlet support.

I wanted to deploy Presto on Sun’s open source J2EE application server, GlassFish, since a few of our friends at Sun were interested. If you are new to GlassFish, it is the name for the open source project for building a Java EE 5 application server sponsored by Sun & Oracle (more details here).

The process of deployment was very easy. If you have downloaded and installed Presto, it is easy to locate the Presto war files that represent different Presto capabilities and deploy them using the GlassFish administration console or the command line asadmin utillity that comes with the GlassFish installation. With just a click of a few buttons, the following Presto components were deployed on GlassFish:

  • Presto Edge Enterprise Mashup Server with Service Explorer and Administration Console applications for managing Edge
  • Dash, our user driven dynamic desktop application
  • Sample applications to show mashup examples and data binding examples

That and an evaluation license key you get when you download our software is all you need to run Presto on GlassFish. Kudos to our development team for a great job in maintaining standard compliance and pure Java in our code. Pretty cool!


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