SV Code Camp Session Report: Enterprise Mashups

Session: Enterprise Mashups / Presenter: Kishore Subramanian, JackBe

[ Disclaimer: I work for JackBe ] There are about 30 attendees. Kishore is going over the concepts behind our mashup approach like mashables, mashups, and shareables.

Kishore demonstrating SalesForce mashups and walking through the internals including EMML code. Talking about how you can merge data from SalesForce with data from internal proprietary data source and merge/combine to produce a mashup (virtual) service. Showing how to invoke it as a REST interface, which makes it easier to use a complex/mashup service. Now showing how to make a Mashlet using MashletMaker and sharing the mashlet. Now he is demo’ing Wires to show how to visually mashup by drag, drop and connect.

Got some interesting questions. Here are a few:

  • Question: Is it Free?
    Answer: Yes, it is for developers. Get it here.
  • Question: Is it Open Source?
    Answer: No. Did I mention it is free? JackBe is partnering with enterprise software vendors and developers to open up the EMML language. Please contact me (deepak dot alur at jackbe dot com) to get involved, support EMML or for more information.
  • Question: We got a great question from a guy from the Yahoo Pipes team (I think I heard it this way) –
    Do you guys have the same problem as we do in that you need a programming language underneath?
    Answer: Yes, absolutely. We solve it by providing our Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML) which has integration with different languages allowing you to plug in your program in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy. EMML and such integrated script will run on the server side dynamically.
  • Question: Can you offer a hosted version for developers to use? I am not going to download this. Would like to play before I download.
    Answer: Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into it.
  • Question: I am a developer. Can I run and host Presto for personal use ? What about if I am a non-profit?
    Answer: Contact me at deepak dot alur at jackbe dot com.

Get the Free Developer Edition of Presto here.

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