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I am big fan of Ed Yourdon. So, I was delighted to see his presentation on Mashups (here). Discussion on this topic by eminent and experienced gurus like him are heart warming and encouraging to me, since we at JackBe, have been working in the area of Mashups to create a new kind of lite-middleware. I and my colleagues have often written about our work (for instance here and here).

What was not so encouraging to me personally was the fact that Presto, our enterprise mashup platform from JackBe, did not figure in his presentation. Which got me thinking, no surprise really, there must be a whole lot of people that might not know or heard about us since we are such a small company compared to the likes of Google, Yahoo, IBM and Microsoft, which were featured mentions in his presentation.

So, to those, I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, JackBe and our product Presto, which is a pure play enterprise mashup server platform built from the ground up for enterprise mashing! At the core of this is our Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML), which we describe as a domain specific language for mashups. No other product or technology offers such a DSL for mashing, which has been greatly appreciated by our users and customers. Do check it out yourself and let me know what you think.

We also offer Presto to developers in a special developer edition to the community. The Mashup Developer Community (MDC) members can download and use Presto for free here (requires registration).

In Ed Yourdon’s presentation, he mentions Yahoo! Pipes, MS Popfly, etc. Some have described Presto as Yahoo! Pipes on steroids for the enterprise, since Presto‘s visual mashup composer called Wires allows you to create mashups that consume any kind of service / API including WSDL, REST, RSS, Atom, Databases, Excel spreadsheets and so forth. Pipes only deals with public RSS services as far as I know.

Presto also generates Mashlets, which puts a face (UI) in front of each mashup. Mashlets become the embeddable objects that can virally spread within and outside the enterprise (assuming the enteprise security policies allow them to share outside). All of this is done in a secure manner, which is why we are an enterprise mashup solution.

To better understand Presto at a high level, I had previously described the 3 artifacts of mashup process here. I hope this provides you some insight into our technology, and hopefully, you will get to try it when you get a chance. While doing so, if you do need any help, don’t be shy to ask on MDC, the whole community is there to help!

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