JackBe Acquired: Congrats to the team!

logo_sagJackBeToday is a pivotal moment in the life of JackBe and Presto, the platform we built at JackBe.  JackBe has been acquired by SoftwareAG!

Over the last 7+ years, I have obsessed about Presto, the pain points we tried to address with our product/technology, and the things we built to create this one-of-a-kind platform. I am proud have assembled the best engineering team in the world, and put together a process and culture of innovation, development, high quality delivery and repeatability that ensured release after release with new innovative features for the past 7 years. At the same time, we also successfully maintained a balanced and open environment of respect, team work, accountability and responsibility. For a team of this calibre to stay together for 7 years itself is major accomplishment. It goes to show how much we believed in what we were doing and a lot of credit for this goes to the kind of people we have on the team!

So let me take one last moment to recollect our accomplishments leading to this moment:

So, in conclusion, this is a fantastic achievement by the team, and a great testament to the innovation and value embodied by the product and the team we have built together. Congratulations to the entire team are in order! May you go forth and prosper!

On a personal note, this brings me to a new chapter in my career. I will not be joining the acquisition party! I would like to explore other things in my career and life. I have learnt a lot professionally and personally at JackBe, and am grateful for all the experiences that has shaped me over these years, and the people that I have met in the process. Many are now very close friends and I will cherish that friendship forever.

For those that know me know that I enjoy building and working with a great team, enjoy the challenge of innovating to disrupt the status quo, and truly value the friendship, camaraderie, learning, sharing, helping, and building something new that the world hasn’t see before. I will look forward to doing just that!


6 responses to “JackBe Acquired: Congrats to the team!”

  1. Finally got caught up on your blogs Deepak, thought provoking and innovative as I would have expected. Thanks for the send off, you are missed daily.

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  3. Working with Deepak is a great experience, an outstanding leader and a very good person. Deepak and his stupendous dedication responsible for bringing JackBe to this stage (JackBe Presto now a part of SAG). Wish you all the best Deepak.

    1. Thank you Imtiyaz for your kind words. Working with you has been great as well. Wish you too the best in your future endeavors and our paths may cross again 🙂

  4. Wish you the best Deepak! Thanks for all you did to bring JackBe to this momentous occasion.

    1. Thanks Daniel! It was a great ride! Thanks for your role in crafting and implementing the SharePoint technology and integration for Presto. May the SharePoint add-on shine on!

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