Internet Of Things: Opportunities for startups while behemoths trod around

From an IoT Conference today, @torrey_barrett tweeted:

Is this going to be the big guys’ game or can innovative companies break through?

I am not at the conference, but this tweet got my attention. The big guys I am guessing is a reference to companies like IBM, Cisco, GE, Orange, Vodafone, Verizon, AT&T, and others in similar size and stature. However, expecting the big guys to innovate in something that is so rapidly changing in such a short time is unrealistic. This is where new, smaller, and smart companies can innovate faster and create solutions, products and technologies. Over the next 5 years, I see this as a space that will be more dominated by smaller guys with innovative approaches. Big guys sure will be involved, watching, and sometimes collaborating with the smaller guys. But this is a huge opportunity for everyone, small or big to participate. After all, just yesterday, Brian Profitt reported on Read Write Web that this industry could be as large as 14 Trillion dollars, if not bigger. This space is big enough for the behemoths and the miniscule.

Some of the innovators in this space that I am following are: Estimote, Libelium, freescaleMQIdentityXivelyElectricImpIFTTT, TempoDB to name a few.

There are at least a hundred startups listed on AngelList alone. And check out the list of companies mentioned in this question on Quora.

Eventually, you will see some gobbling up in this space, but that is probably at least 2 years away. Until then, the little guys will innovate and thrive.

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