The Trifecta: Big Data, Mobile and Real-Time

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While it is interesting to come up with your own predictions, I am more interested in seeing what other people I follow are predicting. First, to see if there are some synergies – perhaps if they too say what I said, it somehow validates my prediction, or so I feel anyway. And second, which is more important, is to learn from all the smart guys out there that are saying something significant about the technology space in 2013. I recently saw this blog post from Mike Gualtieri, another analyst/researcher that I like to follow, and lo and behold it is all about Big Data!

I liked one thing he says in particular, which I think others are also saying based on what I read in the last couple of days: “All data is Big Data”. In my prediction, I hinted that Big Data would get segmented along the now familiar dimensions of velocity, volume and variety – which is my way of saying “all data is Big Data,” but we have to deal with each segment in slightly different ways. In Mike’s predictions, another thing stands out in my mind. He says:

“Real-time architectures will swing to prominence. Firms that find predictive models in Big Data must put them to use. Firms will seek out streaming, event processing, and in-memory data technologies to provide real-time analytics and run predictive models. Mobile is a key driver, because hyperconnected consumers and employees will require architectures that can quickly process incoming data from all digital channels to make business decisions and deliver engaging customer experiences in real time. The result: In 2013, enterprise architects will step out of their ivory towers to once again focus on technology — real-time technology that is highly available, scalable, and performant.”

Hurray! Big Data coupled with two things: Real-time and Mobile. Now, that’s something else! This area is ripe for innovation and disruption. We ourselves at JackBe have been long focused on real-time aspects of dealing with data, be it for Real-Time BI or for Mobile BI. We believe that data can be mashed up in real-time and served on a platter to business users in the form of insights, delivered to them as Apps Anywhere™. And as Big Data enters into the equation, most people are quick to realize that technologies like Hadoop (most prominent among Big Data discussions as of now) are not real-time at all and definitely need some augmentation. Business moves fast and needs insights fast. You can’t wait till all the data is collected and all the batches are run to get your insights. You can’t wait until your data warehouses (big or small) are built to get decisions made to move your business. You need real-time answers to fast changing data in your environment.

What do you think? How are you reacting to the three forces of Big Data, Mobile and Real-Time?

Big Data Gets a Real-Time Face-Lift

big-data[Cross posted from my JackBe blog]

Read through any technology publication, website or blog and I dare you to tell me you didn’t come across a Big Data story. Big Data is hyped. And that’s not the first time I’ve said that. In fact, the last time I addressed this topic I declared that one of the biggest problem with Big Data is the disconnect between how much it’s talked about and how much it’s understood. Cindi Howson of BI Scorecard recently hit the nail on the head by drawing an integral connection between Big Data and BI. She dared to say—against advice from a fellow Strata Conference attendee that it might be considered blasphemy—that Big Data is more than Hadoop. She couldn’t be more right.

And Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2012 prominently featured Big Data and linked it to various other emerging technologies, with Big Data just entering the “peak of inflated expectations” and predicts it will take 3-5 years to reach the “plateau of productivity.” But don’t just walk away. Big Data as much as it is hyped, is also real and it is here to stay and is making new inroads every day.

My colleague Dan Malks recently shared some of his 2013 BI predictions and now I would like to follow it up with a few of my own. Yes, I’m focusing on Big Data. But it also turns out—in a great minds think alike kind of way—that real-time intelligence will be a critical element to navigate the way in which we consume, analyze and leverage data of all types and from all places, for instant decision-making. Here goes…

  • Big Data will go more real-time, for real. Forget about batch processing. Data that is stashed away without the ability to understand it on a continuous real-time basis is just another old data warehouse, albeit a Big Data warehouse.
  • Business users will want direct access to insights derived from Big Data, again in real-time, and anywhere. Here I am talking about the kind of tooling and processes needed to make it easy for the business decision makers to have insights delivered to them in real-time from analyzing Big Data warehouses— especially on smartphones and tablets.
  • Big Data will get further segmented into Big Data, Big Small Data, Fast Big Data, and Fast Small Data, along the dimensions of speed/velocity, size and volume. The capabilities (technical and non-technical) needed to handle these are different for different segments.

That’s my two cents. What do you think will happen next year? Share your predictions with us in the comments section or on Twitter using the hashtag #BIin2013 for consideration in an upcoming post.